All you want to know about ICC Cricket World Cup

Get ready to once again feel the heat of Cricket. ICC Cricket World Cup will be back next year, with cricketing heat, passion & sportsmanship. ICC which is popularly also known as International Cricket Council organizes the ICC cricket world cup. As we all know that this tournament is held after the gap of four years among all the best 14 teams of the world.

The ICC Cricket World Cup features 14 teams which also gives the affiliated and the associated member nations a chance to participate and play. The format is same as the previous edition of the games which was played in 2011 where the 14 teams would be divided in the groups of 7 each. The seven teams will play against each other till the top four teams from each group gets to the quarter finals by qualifying. The format gives a surety that each team would get chance to play at least 6 matches.

The first ICC world cup was played in the year 1975 in England. Every ICC world cup hosting is being assigned depending on the bids that the countries bid. Hosting rights for the 2015 ICC world cup has been assigned jointly to Australia and New Zealand and this would be the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup. This is the second time that Australia & New Zealand are hosting World Cup as co-host.

Both of the hosting countries are having their own national teams which are best dominating teams in cricket. Australia has been the toughest among all the 14 teams as they have won world cup 4 times & had ended-up as runner-up twice. Last World Cup in 2011 was won by India which was co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. After this win India has also won the world cup twice, so this team is also considered as one of the toughest competitor. Though being good teams England, New Zealand, Kenya & South Africa yet have not been able to win any world-cup. They still have to prove their competence & capability to win World Cup.

2015 ICC cricket world cup matches has been divided in two groups where 26 matches would be hosted by Australia while 23 matched would be hosted by New Zealand. The tense battle relating to the hosting of the finals was ended on 30th July 2013 with the decision as Melbourne would be hosting the finals whilst Sydney and Auckland would be hosting the semi finals for the 2015 world cup.

ICC cricket world cup is the most watched sports after FIFA and it has grown a world of its own becoming a media event with each tournament that has been played and that is going to be played. ESPN star sports and Star cricket has got the official rights of broadcasting the tournament of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in return of US $ 2 billion.